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We simpify the process of learning to read and write Chinese Characters.

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Free Learning Resources and Guides

Most Common Chinese Characters

1500 Characters cover around 95% of all Chinese words.

This list of the 1500 most common Chinese characters is downloadable in PDF, Excel and as an Anki SRS Deck 

How to Learn Chinese Guide

Here are a few things I wish I had known about when I started to learn Chinese!

This is a mega guide so make sure to bookmark it!

Chinese Learning Resources List

A long list of recommended resources to complement different skills and levels of study.

These are all resources I personally use or have used so I’m confident vouching for their usefulness.

Pinyin & Pronunciation Guide

Want to learn pinyin but don’t know where to start?

If you are just starting out in Chinese one of the cornerstone skills you will need to master is the pinyin system. 

This series of articles is designed to walk you through the pinyin system and get you up and running in a short period of time.

Common Words from Common Characters

Learning Chinese characters in isolation is hard! The meanings shift and you often end up learning 4 or 5 meanings for a single character!

This short eBook presents the most common 100 Chinese characters along with the most commonly used words they appear in.

Now you can learn in context and see the common threads linking a character’s meaning.

with 100 pronunciation videos from Mandarin HQ

Paid Courses

Our own premium courses for rapidly accelerating progress


Chinese Character Course : A Complete System

online chinese course

First Week in Chinese Online Chinese Course

Easy steps to follow

Systematic learning broken down step by step and delivered piecemeal in an organised course

HOW to master Chinese

Studying Chinese is unlike other languages and requires a new learning framework.

Increase fluency

Knowing what to learn in what order speeds up the process of mastering Chinese and gets you to your goals sooner

What my students say about the courses

"This is a great course! I have learned more about Chinese characters in the first part of this course than in any of the courses I have taken over the last ten years."

Jim E.

"I am really enjoying the course. So far it has giving me a whole different way of looking at the characters. I have never seen a course like this before. It's early but I think this is really going to help with learning the Chinese characters."

Ian D.

"Usually I avoid instructional videos. There's so much waffle on them and you can't skim read a video, so you're stuck wasting time while the video burbles on. But yours are short and to the point. You have a very clear voice and I find it even easier to listen to your videos then to read the contents, this is fantastic."

Jan J.

"I have studied for a year. I am working in Beijing and take (sporadic!) lessons here... I never really "got" the language until I went through your videos and the blog... my teacher here is good but not great at explaining to Westerners about the language...even though I have been "studying" for so long the videos helped me move towards speaking and practicing the language more."

Jacob F.

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