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Best of the Web Learn Chinese April 19th 2015

Every week we round up what YOU guys found most interesting from our social media on Facebook/Twitter as well as some stuff we just don’t want you to miss. Our aim is to provide a helpful weekly digest of everything that can help you learn Chinese.

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The big news this week is the WaiChinese $1 Signup Offer. For the first 500 sign ups WaiChinese is offering subscriptions from $1 for the first month.
For a buck you get hours of personalized pronunciation coaching, speech evaluation reports and access to a giant library of content.
The catch – this is only open to 500 new signups. Last time I checked there are around 220 spots left. Don’t delay!

Most popular image of the Week

The most popular image of the week is again from Mandarin from Scratch. It’s a really useful list of IT/Computer related words. This was super popular with our fans this week! Click for a larger version!

Article of the Week

15 Chinese phrases native speakers use everyday from Chinese Musings was the most popular article we shared this week. This article has language you actually hear everyday in China (no more 你好吗!). 不错不错!

Sensible Chinese Article of the Week

So, I’ve spent the week learning to juggle (as well as finding and share awesome Chinese stuff of course :p). Surprisingly whilst learning to juggle I had some thoughts on language learning (and learning in general) that I wanted to share.  The result was this article on Sensible Chinese: Language Lessons from the Art of Juggling.