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Pinyin Course

Want to learn pinyin but don’t know where to start?

If you are just starting out in Chinese one of the cornerstone skills you will need to master is the pinyin system. This series of articles is designed to walk you through the pinyin system and get you up and running in a short period of time.

Each article builds on the last so try to read them in order. Each section will introduce new sounds that require you to be comfortable with those that came before.

You can download the full sized PDF pinyin chart (plus pronunciation/tone guide) for free. The downloadable PDF can be printed and stuck on your wall as a useful reference. 

Here’s the contents of the course:

  1. Introduction – with downloadable pinyin chart
  2. Basic Vowel Sounds
  3. Basic Consonants
  4. The Second U – U vs. Ü
  5. Medium Consonants
  6. Tricky Consonants Zh, Ch, Sh and R
  7. Tricky Consonants Z, C, S
  8. Introducing Compound Finals
  9. Basic Compounds
  10. Nasal Compounds