Best of the Web Learn Chinese April 8th 2015

Every week we round up what YOU guys found most interesting from our social media on Facebook/Twitter as well as some stuff we just don’t want you to miss. Our aim is to provide a helpful weekly digest of all the useful content to help you learn Chinese.

Most popular image of the week

Words with 然

This was the top image of the week was originally posted by Mandarin from Scratch.

These kind of images really help to show how one Chinese character really doesn’t have a single meaning but instead multiple meanings depending on what other characters it is used with.


Essential Phrases for Your Online Class from DigMandarin.

A set of really useful phrases and sentences to use if you have an online language partner. This list has some very down to earth suggestions like “I will call you” – super useful when Skype is messing up and you keep calling each other at the same time! :p


A Year of No Speaking English from Fluent in 3 Months.

This inspirational article follows Scott H Young’s challenge of learning 4 languages in one year (Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin Chinese and Korean) and not speaking a word of English in the meantime. An amazing journey!


Chinese Speakers Use Different Regions of their Brain than English Speakers from Quartz

One of the most controversial and discussed articles was this one on whether Chinese speakers use more of their brain than English speakers.

Interesting stuff, whatever your opinion. Plus, as we’re learning Chinese we get the best of both worlds!


Top Learning Resource : WaiChinese

Our learning resource of the month is WaiChinese. Why now? Well, WaiChinese is now doing a Pronunciation Evaluation for every student that signs up.

Basically you’ll be walked through a series of words and phrases and a teacher will provide you with a report on your current Chinese pronunciation and what steps you need to take to improve.

Best thing is it’s available on the FREE package for a limited time. So a good way to get some free pointers about your Chinese tones and pronunciation.


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